Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Changes To Come

It is 7: 43 am and just as I sit down to write I hear my little guy calling me. Do Moms ever get a break? Not unless we lock ourselves in the bathroom and be very very quiet right? Well I have decided to make a huge change. After 11 years of being in the salon I am quiting. I am selling out to my partner and moving on to bigger and better projects. This transition is so exciting to me I cant even express how free it make me feel to have ability and drive to make a change.

When I think about wealth I am not only thinking of money. I am thinking of time and time affords your all sorts of freedoms. My big change will afford me the time I seek to be a better Mother, a better wife, and to follow my passions. I will be able to concentrate on building my platform as a figure competitor and going pro. This will be my backing and proof that being a Mom in a thong is attainable! We are smart, dedicated, and confidant Moms. And when you are confident you are beautiful! Find your passion, make a decision to better your life, don't waste time and go for it. You are worth it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Most Amazing Thing!

The most amazing thing happened today. I was gearing up for my morning run and I decided to take an extra supplement. I am a supplement junkie. I love them and I easily get myself into trouble with them. Aka more is better sort of thing. I took my thermo and I took my muscle fertilizer. I reached for something new. Relief FX. Hmmmmm. Should I or shouldn’t I? Of course I should. Relief Fx is a new supplement by Health-FX Nutraceuticals, the best supplements in the world. I very personally know the chemist behind all of these wonderful products so I should know! It is a blend of White willow Bark 550mgs and Ginger 500mgs. It helps soothe pain fast using a proprietary blend of naturally occorring asprin (white willow bark) and ginger. It is a safe replacement to over-the-counter and prescription pain meds. Its like cheating. Well sort of.
I knew there should be pain as I plowed up this very steep hill. I knew I should be stopping for a rest as soon as I reached that next boulder. But I never did. I just kept going and I couldnt wait to go down next. Going down was like one of those movies where the background moves and the person just stays still. I felt like I was flying! It was so fun I actually let a yelp or a wooooo hooooo escape through my smiling lips.
So next time I run or have a super heavy weights day I am going to cheat. And I dont give a shit. I will be stronger and faster for it. And when my body aches from being pushed to the gates of Hell, I will take some more. Afterall, it is all natural.
You can find Relief Fx and other amazing products at

Fast Exercise Fast Results

Streamline Your Workouts - Fast Exercise for Fast Results
May 19th, 2008
Not everyone has the time to stay in the gym long enough to work every muscle group individually.
Today’s lifestyles leave minimal time for some. However there is a way to hit most of the muscle groups at the same time by using multi joint movements. Workable strength is enhanced by using this method anyway.
The three main exercises will be the Dead lift, Squat and the Bench press. The Dead lift works the lower and upper back, the hamstrings, traps and the forearms and abs to some extent.
The squat works, not only the quads and hamstrings, but the calves, lower back, abs and glutes too.
The flat bench, done with a variety of widths and ascent paths will hit a myriad of muscle groups in the upper torso including Pecs, triceps, anterior and medial heads of the shoulders, Lats, and the brachialis muscles in the middle of the upper arm.
To give these exercises priority will leave very few isolation movements to complete a total body workout. Just twice a week, spending an average of 90 minutes, will show great results for minimal time spent. Add curls, sit ups and some sort of rear delt movement and you’ll be working every muscle group in a very efficient and time saving way.