Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Changes To Come

It is 7: 43 am and just as I sit down to write I hear my little guy calling me. Do Moms ever get a break? Not unless we lock ourselves in the bathroom and be very very quiet right? Well I have decided to make a huge change. After 11 years of being in the salon I am quiting. I am selling out to my partner and moving on to bigger and better projects. This transition is so exciting to me I cant even express how free it make me feel to have ability and drive to make a change.

When I think about wealth I am not only thinking of money. I am thinking of time and time affords your all sorts of freedoms. My big change will afford me the time I seek to be a better Mother, a better wife, and to follow my passions. I will be able to concentrate on building my platform as a figure competitor and going pro. This will be my backing and proof that being a Mom in a thong is attainable! We are smart, dedicated, and confidant Moms. And when you are confident you are beautiful! Find your passion, make a decision to better your life, don't waste time and go for it. You are worth it.

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