Monday, October 13, 2008

The Most Amazing Thing!

The most amazing thing happened today. I was gearing up for my morning run and I decided to take an extra supplement. I am a supplement junkie. I love them and I easily get myself into trouble with them. Aka more is better sort of thing. I took my thermo and I took my muscle fertilizer. I reached for something new. Relief FX. Hmmmmm. Should I or shouldn’t I? Of course I should. Relief Fx is a new supplement by Health-FX Nutraceuticals, the best supplements in the world. I very personally know the chemist behind all of these wonderful products so I should know! It is a blend of White willow Bark 550mgs and Ginger 500mgs. It helps soothe pain fast using a proprietary blend of naturally occorring asprin (white willow bark) and ginger. It is a safe replacement to over-the-counter and prescription pain meds. Its like cheating. Well sort of.
I knew there should be pain as I plowed up this very steep hill. I knew I should be stopping for a rest as soon as I reached that next boulder. But I never did. I just kept going and I couldnt wait to go down next. Going down was like one of those movies where the background moves and the person just stays still. I felt like I was flying! It was so fun I actually let a yelp or a wooooo hooooo escape through my smiling lips.
So next time I run or have a super heavy weights day I am going to cheat. And I dont give a shit. I will be stronger and faster for it. And when my body aches from being pushed to the gates of Hell, I will take some more. Afterall, it is all natural.
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Shawni said...

Just a note, white willow bark as you noted is a naturally occurring asprin. It is Not always safe if someone is allergic to asprin or Silicates. People with Asthma must be particularly careful as they have a high tendency to be allergic to these substances.